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Is BetAmerica Legal for Me?

25 April 2018
par Craig Jones

| 18+

If you would like to experience BetAmerica legal play then you need to be in one of the many countries that it accepts players from. They have a policy that restricts some countries, including some states in the USA, so be sure to check out if you can play before you look into their service.

How to Test if My Location is Allowed at BetAmerica?

If you want to find out if you can play BetAmerical legal then find out right now by following the steps below.

  • Look for the red button below which will show if you can play BetAmerica legal
  • Press on this red button to be taken to a list of accepted countries
  • Consult the list and find out if you can experience BetAmerican legal
  • If you are allowed to join, sign up right away with our BetAmerica promo code

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BetAmerica Allowed Countries

If you want to check out whether you can place BetAmerica legal bets then take a look at the table below. This shows the countries where you can play, and also the American states that allow you to bet on BetAmerica.




North America


South America

 AlgeriaArmenia Belgium Canada AustraliaArgentina
 BotswanaBangladesh  Czech Republic MexicoNew ZealandBrazil
 Cameroon  Cambodia  Finland Alabama (USA) French Polynesia Chile
 Egypt China FranceArkansas (USA) Colombia
 Equatorial GuineaGeorgia  GermanyCalifornia (USA)  Ecuador
 GabonHong Kong  Greece Colorado (USA) Paraguay
  Ghana India HungaryConnecticut (USA)  Peru
 Kenya  Iran  Ireland Delaware (USA) Uruguay
MauritiusIraq  ItalyFlorida (USA) Venezuela
 Morocco  Israel  MaltaIdaho (USA) Aruba
  Mozambique  JapanNetherlandsIndiana (USA) Guyana
  RwandaMalaysia NorwayIowa (USA)
Senegal Mongolia PolandKansas (USA)
 Sierra Leone  Singapore  SwedenKentucky (USA)
 South Africa  South Korea Turkey Louisiana (USA)
TunisiaPakistanUnited KingdomMaine (USA)
Zimbabwe PhilippinesMassachusetts (USA)
 Namibia  Thailand Michigan (USA)
  Lebanon  Minnesota (USA)
 MyanmarMontana (USA)
 NepalNew Hampshire (USA)
 United Arab Emirates New Mexico (USA)
New York (USA)
North Dakota (USA)
Ohio (USA)
 Oklahoma (USA)
Oregon (USA)
 Pennsylvania (USA)
  Rhode Island (USA)
  South Dakota (USA)
 Tennessee (USA)
Vermont (USA)
 West Virginia (USA)
 Wisconsin (USA)
 Wyoming (USA)

BetAmerica Restricted Countries

There are a few countries and American states where you are not allowed to play BetAmerica legal or use a BetAmerica promo code and these can be found below so you can see if your area is on the list. If your country is on the list then you will not be able to play BetAmerica legal, unless they change their policies and begin to accept people from your country or state.




North America


South America

 Eritrea AfghanistanRussiaAlaska (USA) Guam Suriname
Democratic Republic of Congo Brunei UkraineArizona (USA)
 KazakhstanGeorgia (USA)
 KuwaitHawaii (USA)
 KyrgyzstanIllinois (USA)
 MongoliaMississippi (USA)
OmanMissouri (USA)
Vietnam Nebraska (USA)
PakistanNevada (USA)
 QatarNew Jersey (USA)
Sri LankaNorth Carolina (USA)
 TaiwanPuerto Rico (USA)
South Carolina (USA)
Texas (USA)
 US Virgin Islands (USA)
  Utah (USA)
 Virginia (USA)

Other Countries

If you are based in a country that is not listed on either of the above lists then you will be in a grey area when it comes to BetAmerica legal. This means you may have trouble depositing and withdrawing funds into your account, as well as playing on the site. If this is the case for you the best way to approach BetAmerica legal play is to contact the customer service team that they have, and take a close look at the terms and conditions they have on their website.

After you have sought assistance you should have a definite answer, allowing you to either sign up with BetAmerica legally and play, or find another bookmaker that will accept bets from someone in your country. The customer service team are available to contact via three different methods so be sure to speak to them if you have any questions.

BetAmerica Account Verification

When signing up, to fulfil the BetAmerica legal requirements you must give them some of your personal details. This is required to keep players safe, and will allow you to register and then deposit and withdraw funds without any problems.

The BetAmerica legal team require the following pieces of information from you when you join.

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Email address
  • Residential address

By sending these across to BetAmerica you know you will be safe and playing alongside other safe players, and you should not have any problems when you want to deposit or withdraw funds. This is part of the registration process with many bookmakers, not just BetAmerica and it is a completely normal process that many will have done before. Don’t worry about BetAmerica having your details, they have security in place to keep everyone’s details safe so you can give them your information without worry.


Can I access my BetAmerica account while I am abroad on holiday?

When you are on holiday you must abide by the gambling rules of that country. This means if you are in a restricted country then you will not be able to bet with BetAmerica.

Do I really have to provide proof of my identity/address to BetAmerica?

Yes you do, this is to ensure that all players remain safe, and only legitimate players can play on the BetAmerica website.

Am I allowed to use a BetAmerica promo code in a restricted country?

No, to play BetAmerica legal you must play inside a country that is allowed to bet on the website, if you are in a confirmed country then you can take advantage of the BetAmerica promo code.

What currencies can I use to fund my BetAmerica account?

When you deposit money into your BetAmerica account you will deposit in US Dollars. This is the only currency that is used on the website and anyone depositing in another currency will have their funds converted before being added to your wallet.

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